2 boys starting plan... How to start

Hello everyone :slight_smile: my 2 boys 10 and 13 starring study plan tomorrow morning. Not sure how to go about it. I’m no teacher. Thinking chromecast. Or seperate computer’s etc. School being closed and to be honest no good. I need to move them forward, they are very up for it.
When we start I guess we will just sit down and go for it! I am going to sit down with them, certainly at the beginning for half a day everyday.
Am I going in the right direction lol. Any help be great… Even just support lol.
Looking forward to this however apprehensive about getting Piran and Odin going… Like kick starting a motor bike :grin:
Many thanks. Miles

Wow, I like your plan! No experience whatsoever in home training teenagers, but please keep us posted on how long it takes before you have absolutely no clue as to what they are up to.

Ha ha indeed, had a great 3 hours yesterday. Although I’m with them. Instead of doing the homework, we’re talking through other answers. If I can get them hooked before school gets back to normal and my business starts selling again. We’re winning :slight_smile: thanks for the reply