-50 bitcoin moved

I’m am quite curious about what other ways the older btc could have been moved just recently. Could it just have been someone finding their old keys and importing them and them having ties to the first mined blocks that could have created a reaction in the block-chain to trigger the moves to a new address.?? Having keys from 2009 and once had a transaction come through my wallet of around $2000 that i did not make but got an e-mail from the block-chain letting me know of the transaction happening, I have always been curious about the issue but have never been able to talk anyone about what had happened.

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I doubt many people backed their private keys back in 2009. The most likely scenario in my mind is that they still had their old computer at home which they used to mine bitcoin on. They only need that hard drive after all. Maybe, just maybe the found an older computer someone throw away. In that case the key should’t not be encrypted or at least needed a weak password for a person to get it.

If you have been sent 2k dollars to and address you have a private key to, then you own it. It seems weird but I don’t know why anyone would do it. Maybe they know you in person.


Well i did and had funds, not much but it was something. Most everything i have is from 2009 and i also did mining and did BTC faucets a lot. I was hard core in bitcoins when it first was talk about, life and having kids early with a dumb-ass wife, we was very young and she didn’t support me so i gave it up, could have been a millionaire lol (lessons were learned). I was just trying to find out more info cause i have next week coming a hard drive reader kit and about 10-12 old hard drives to go through, i have always kept every single hard drive I’ve ever had, its just concerting with this these transactions that haven’t moved for 11 years and people just tripping all over the place which may have something to do with price drop but the charts already looked like price was going down anyway.

I didn’t have any clue who the people were who sent the transaction, it just passed through my wallet and i got the notification as far as i know i didn’t really know anyone who was into bitcoin.

And another question if any knows does block-chain wallets keep every single sent and received transaction history ever sent from back in 2009, is that normal.?

Picture from block-chain backups that i did yesterday that had funds in them, been transferring my private keys from 2 accounts, 18 private keys. Theres no telling how many more i got.