5th Generation Blockchain

A company called Propersix, seems to be the first to bring this generation to us. It is AI based system and will help run faster and keep fraud under control. worth a looking at guys …

STO will come in May 2020.

Benefits of Coin

• Near Zero Transaction Fee. Our coin offer a transaction fee, which is fixed, transparent and without any hidden, charges. Assuming sending 0.1 or 10,000 pro coins will charge a fixed amount of 0.xxxx pros.

• Versatile Solutions. Our coin will be completely decentralized with no bottlenecks and new consensus based on research and demand of market.

• Almost instant transactions. Our coins offers instant transactions. The delay in transactions is some partial of a second making is far faster over some of the digital currencies, already available in the market.

• Transaction Freedom. Pro coin offers complete freedom to its owner using the decentralized pro wallet. No one can limit you in making purchases or performing transactions round the world.

• Dedicated DEX. Our decentralized exchange, dedicated to Pro coin will enable our coin to be tradable with rest of the currencies round the world.


Is it planning to launch artificial intelligence blockchain? If it bring this technology then it would make it especial and different than the other platform for sure. Any ways seems to be a good platform. I want to look the company profile. How can I do this?


In General AI consensus idea, As we know, blockchain is data stored on blocks with peer-to-peer network with decentralized feature, it has no one party to validate the additional data. To reach this point, as it is decentralized, the blockchain has the feature of consensus algorithm. With it all the users on the blockchain come to an agreement about the data shared or added. In this way, the blockchain technology becomes more secure and reliable with the data recorded. However, this has led to many frauds and thefts. With Artificial Intelligence based consensus algorithms, this problem can be easily tackled with. AI is computer driven, computers know only binary language, they are simple, once you feed them instructions they will go according to that without any issue. With this type of consensus algorithm, the AI will validate and verify the data on the blockchain every time new data is entered and shared. It also empowers the algorithm for the selection of nodes which in turn will validate the transactions. It also saves time and energy that is wasted by Bitcoin and Ethereum with their consensus algorithm. A third party does the work, takes all the pressure and gives you the best result.
The nodes are the devices of the users connected to each other on the blockchain. The old way of blockchain is that as all data is shared easily, this tends to keep no check on the users, they can steal transactions and the malicious behavior is suffered by others. Now this application supports not only AI based consensus algorithm, with high security, it also entertains all nodes equally. Users tend to manipulate data and distribute the wealth unequally. The wealth is shared equally and every node gets what it gives to the blockchain. There is a sense of justice and creates more trust with the blockchain. Every node gets an equal chance to share and add data.


What is the transaction speed in this exchanger? How many more benefits it will provide?


Of curse it’s trusted. Because I am already invest in ProperSix. I saw the activity of the company and it;s seems to be good to me. The token’s value is increasing day by day. currently it 0.01$ but I confidently say that it will hit 100$ soon. Currently it gives bounty offer.


StiffenMauer bro, you can help me. I decided to invest this blockchain platform. Because of, this platform using artificial intelligence blockchain technology. I think, this platform is great for us.


@JamseMarcks I can suggest you to invest in this platform without any hesitation. Because it’s all the feature is been good.


This project is good. That’s why, If I buy some tokens here and its price goes up then there will be many benefits.


After a few days ago, I visited this platform. It is a very trusted and secure platform. It uses the latest blockchain technology, it is true. Anyone can smoothly invest in this platform.


How long you have been involve with this platform?

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As the day progress the platform is become better and better.

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About An year I have been involved with this platform.