A task to big now but achieveable in short timespan?

January I made a fast start with the Ivans lessons. I got beginners in a week, and started with javascript but for different reasons I stranded. Now I want to make a restart with javascript, but I want advice of the more experienced CP’s. With the knowledge of this course I want to solve the problem that a scammer created for me. He got hold of a privatekey of me. He stole some crypto but I’m more concerned about what I’m expected to receive in that wallet when the pulsechain of Richard Heart will be released in 1 or 2 months, since it is my pulsechain sacrifice wallet, you might of heard of it, of which the expectations are very high. Of course its terrible stupid of me that the scammer got the PK of my wallet, but thats happend. Now lets see if a solution can be made for the pulse that wil be send to that address and the airdrop of other erc20’s as well.
My first big question is is possible to link a bot to that address that the bot will immediatly be activated as these coins arrive in that wallet and send it to another address. Someone can advice please ?
my second question is can I learn to create such a bot with the knowledge in this course or am i unrealistic?
Hope for useful advice,thx already Wil

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Surely, you could just feed a Smart Contract the spend key and tell it to send funds upon arrival from a white-listed incoming address to a white-listed recipient address?