About Hex again

Hello guys! I’m very new here. Need help.
I had (and still have) some btc on my Trezor in dec 2019. For some part of btc I bought eth this year.

I´d like to claim hex from these btc adresses but unfortunately I don´t menage it. would appreciate if somebody could give me some instruction or maybe a link to an easy instruction how to do this.

Thank you in advance!

@Dariusz follow the video as long as the BTC was in your account at the time of snap shot you can claim.

  • Go to he HEX CLAIM SITE (Get +10% HEX with this referred link)
  • Install METAMASK
  • Connect your Metamask to your HEX ACCOUNT
  • Go to CLAIM
  • Open your TREZOR wallet and copy your Bitcoin Address
  • Follow the detailed steps with IMAGES or in VIDEO

Gain an extra 10% on top of you claim by using my link https://hex.win/?r=0x4007595b42116E513F0C4610474CFA8c613E24B6

@Cy13erBob. Thank you very much for help! I will try with your instruction. Best regards!

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owner of hex has controversial background