About personal study plan

okay so ive finished defi 101 and next is business masterclass but im really want to get starting on learning over js programming its been like over 10 years and super anxious and slightly excited at the same time. should i continue and finish masterclass first or should go onto js?


Hi @Jbomb2020, hope you are well.

You Study Plan was made based on your interest to learn, it is suggested to follow it as is provided to you for the better understanding, but for the case of Business course to a developer course, is completely up to you, If you are more interested in development, go ahead, but in terms of getting the most of all courses and having a better picture on the entire ecosystem of cryptos before jumping into coding action, it would be good to have a solid base with the theory courses (such as the business masterclass course).

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.


I’m doing several courses at a time… The JavaScript course took me almost 2 months to complete. I still feel like I want to go back and redo some of the exercises. Hit me up with a message if you want to work through some together. I can read JavaScript but writing is another story! I read somewhere that it takes 8+ months to learn, I was feeling discouraged during the course.

I found it helpful to go work on something else and come back to tougher JavaScript problems.

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