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It is very safe to say that many people have lost their Bitcoins. The real question is whether the Bitcoins are lost for good or not? As the price of Bitcoin continues to rush downward and its demand for cracking forgotten passwords increases, recovering stolen bitcoins or ethereum services have come up to assist people in recovering their Bitcoin wallets and other cryptocurrency. However, these options are limited. There are also a number of tutorials to recover bitcoins in cases of technical difficulties. Presumably the rate of losing coins will go down because people are very much careful about how they are stored, and the use of hardware wallets is very encouraged, finally i would like to advise anyone that needs to recover stolen bitcoins to reach out to michael veksler (recovercoins@engineer.com), he provides excellent bitcoin recovery services.

Once your coins leave your wallet they are not possible to recover without the cooperation of the person who controls the private key(s) of the wallet(s) your coins have been sent to. You cannot reverse the chain. The only other way to get stolen / lost bitcoin back is to hire an expert in applied cryptography and Blockchain-powered services. I strongly recommend the services of David Veksler (davidveksler@engineer.com).

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