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No certificate after completion ?

I have the same question, except that additionally, Bitcoin 101 still appears under “Continue where you left off”, because it thinks I haven’t completed the course, but I’ve done everything.

If every step in the course is marked as completed, you should get an email with the certificate (pdf)

Just received mine!! Awesome course and knowledge… Ethereum 101, here I go!

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how much time will it take, one or two days?
please check I also did not receive “certificate after completion”.

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Congratulations for completing the course. so some people didn’t get an email with the certificate? I will check it out

Did you checked your spam folder?

Hi. I will take care of it for you… is it blockchain & Bitcoin 101 you are missing?

If you experiance issues with the certificates in the future, just tell me and i’ll make sure you get it…

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yes, I did, but I have 2 or 3 emails in contacts, so email would not go there, also I received today “Ethereum 101” in inbox, so it is not going to spam folder…

Thanks Ivo, I will check later on … please search my email to support email if you can…