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How can blockchain benefit the healthcare industry?

Isn’t blockchain an artificial mirror of the human gene in regards to sequencing immutable information?

Form following function, I would like to see a tangle of block chains form a “gene of care” for the world.

What I mean is that a persons prescriptions, medical issues, fitness level etc would be on their own chain. Then similar big data items ( i.e. Location, chosen hospital, primary doctor, etc) and other people’s matching parts of their chains get connected in a tangle. It may take an AI to connect the chains but then you would have clusters of issues that can be addressed.

For example, this would help with knowing the outcome of a prescription drug 20 years down the road if a large number of the users are in an unexpected large tangle of a medical incident.

Or too many people dying at a certain hospital.

Also what if instead of fitness trackers we all wore a blockchain scanner that would track the food we ate that was tracked via the block chain and exercise equipment that tracked our energy expenditure. This information would be added to our health chains. I bet an AI could really then identify if eating a hamburger or missing my cardio class is really going to be harmful for me.

Also I would like to see a mental health blockchain. I understand technology is being developed that can detect people’s moods. What if moods were recorded on a blockchain and then analyzed by an AI therapist? In my opinion everyone needs a therapist.

Of course I say all this with rosey glasses assuming that none of this information would be used for ill intent.

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Jeph100, Interesting Ideas you’ve put forth here. I like the concept of a comprehensive electronic record for every data element produced in an individual’s journey through life and healthcare. I have an idea about using the tangle to record health data on the fly and have smart contracts process the data and pay the individual for a job (exercise, better food, not smoking, not drinking excessively etc)

David that would be cool if you can make that happen! When you have a beta version that is shareable please do share. It would be fun to see what your vision looks like :blush:

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