Add value to token in order to be listen on an exchange?

Hello, everyone. I decided to create a token for the ICO purposes and I wonder what is the best way to ad value to my tokens so they can be traded on exchange.
I know its a simple question with very complicated answere but if anyone out there have some experience, please share.

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hey man, hm you should have some kind of use case for your coin or token. There is no need to create a useless ERC20 token. Why do you want to create an ICO and launch a token? Why should people put their money into your token to begin with? :slight_smile:

Hi Ivan, thank’s for your reply. My question was more technical than that. How phisicaly that proces looks like. I need an example to understand it better.

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I think the easiest for you is to get in touch with exchanges and ask them what kind of criteria they have. It differs from exchange to exchange.

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If I understand correctly, Jaroslaw, you want to know for what price you should sell your tokens.

The exchanges won’t help you because they’re just listing the tokens, the market prices it. The owners will ask for a price higher than the one they bought for at the ICO. If there’s demand the price will go up, if there isn’t it will go down.

  1. How do you price it at the ICO? Let me ask you this, do you have a business plan? How much money do you need? That’s your cap.
  2. Split the available tokens into shares for you, your team, your partners, giveaway, and crowdsdale.
  3. Now you can launch the ICO and do your math: Raised capital/number of crowdsdale tokens = your token price.

If you meet your cap, they will be more expensive, if not, cheaper.


perfect answer, thank you vlatoshi. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Read this excellent essay by David Siegel from the Pillar project. It defines the various types of tokens, how they function in a business model and strategy in releasing them during your ICO. Very educational.


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