Advertising crypto, I need advice please

Ivan has recently mentioned that he does a lot of advertising nowadays and I would need an advice on this subject please. I provide an online course about crypto (in French language) and I always recommand Ivan’s channel and Ivan’s academy to my students. And I also recommand Ivan’s Altcoin Report on my youtube channel. I am very grateful for all that Ivan teaches us, I listen to him every morning since 2017 and I have bought every courses he provided since the very first one :slight_smile: I have also subscribed to Altcoin report, Onchain secrets and BSI indicator since the very first day for each of them and I do have an affiate account.

Here is my question : how can I advertise my crypto course and my youtube channel ? Every time I try to pay google ads in order to boost a youtube video, it is refused with the indication “Cryptocurrencies”. What would be the best way (or the best platform) to advertise ?

I would be very grateful if you can share an advice, you are so experienced and successful :blush:
Many thanks in advance for your answer and kindest regards,
Chantal Läng

P.S. On January 27th, I wrote to, but Michelle Otieno answered that I should ask on this forum. On January 27th also, I wrote on this forum, but Carlos Z thecil explained that he had to delete my post, using a “noreply” email address.
…So… I’m quite desperate to be able to get your advice, I don’t know how to proceed, I really need help. I am trying again to ask the same question at the same place (but without the links), hoping that someone would be kind enough to transmit my request to the right person… Many thanks in advance.