ALEPH re-issued 1:1 via a new smart contract - Shall I do something ??

Hi everybody,
I have some ALEPH on my MetaMask Wallet and I read on CoinGecko that ALEPH ERC20 tokens have been re-issued 1:1 via a new smart contract and distributed to existing ALEPH token holders at the snapshot height.
Shall I do something ?
Thanks for the answer ?


From what I have read in your post it seems the new tokens have been reisued to token holders automatically. Why don’t you ask their support about it? I have never heard of this token. :slight_smile:

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Hi Alko,

Thanks for your answer.
It seems that I have nothing to do but I will ask their support as you advise me.
I’m new in crypto, don’t speak/write very well in English (I speak French) and thought it was easier to ask the community.
For your information, Aleph is a token advised by Ivan.
Have a nice week.


You don’t have to do anything as they will deposit it for you as they took a snapshot. Just make sure to add the new smart contract address ( 0x27702a26126e0B3702af63Ee09aC4d1A084EF628) into your metamask. If it’s on an exchange, you don’t need to do anything.

Thanks a lot, that’s the best answer that I needed.
Have a nice day

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