Altcoin hunting

Starting this thread to link with like minded people discussing projects before they pump to try to get in based on good fundamentals and pumpamentals, with a good Dev team and generally criteria based on best practice from online sources.



  • Start on Page 2 CMC
  • Name Recognition should appeal to you. (As it would to others). LISTEN! you hear about a coin and it pumps 5 days later. As soon as you hear a coin, look it up. Don’t be Lazy.
  • Look at Market Cap, it should be less than $10M Market Cap. Trading Volume should be well under the coins Market Cap amount.
  • Look at the 7 day chart. It should have natural, unmanipulated dynamics. Pump followed by consolidation, then continuation.

Signs of contract manipulation and wash trading.

  • Bart Patterns on 7day
  • Jagged choppy pattern resembling a stable coin.


  • Look at Website,
  • Check Github,
  • Check Roadmap
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Reviews online
  • Telegram Community
  • White Paper!


  • Projects delivering on goals
  • Projects that are diamond ideas sometimes lack a strong marketing team because they are so busy building technical value. These can easily rise to the top given the right attention.

Alright, Lets make some money while we’re studying. At the very least, Let’s aim to get a hands on understanding of the state of the crypto and DeFi space as well as a feel for the tools that are being developed.


(If there is already a thread like this, kindly feel free to direct me there)


Thanks for your thoughts. They are helpful and practical.
I’m a fellow surfer, living in Africa. Problem that I’m facing is that these alts don’t trade on centralized exchanges and I imagine not even DEXs (which I’ve not engaged yet). How does one gain access to these markets? UniSwap? Where is a good learning platform for buying into these new platform tokens?

Ethereum Gas fees are increasing as activity on the network increases so it’s a bit more expensive to experiment.
If coins are identified the best practice is to verify the smart contract address of the token and search for that in Uniswap, Once there is liquidity it will pop up and you can add it to your search items. There are other DEXs but they have all been such a headache compared to uniswap.
(Maybe search for a uniswap tutorial online).

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I’ve got answers to my question here with the help of Mauro Fabijanic:
Seemingly, the following courses in the academy enable one to engage the trading requirements.
I’m motivated to get them done now!

  1. Blockchain & Bitcoin 101 (First course.)
  2. Bitcoin Standard (Skippable, in my opinion.)
  3. Ethereum 101 (Pay attention to how Ethereum works on a technical level.)
  4. DeFi 101

Thanks … will do that too. Exciting learning curve. Like stoke on a wave I guess.