Altcoins : Where / How are you buying

Hey crew…

Just wanted to check how you’re investing in Alts?

  • Is the prefered way to use Metamask with Uniswap?

Keen to hear how you’re doing it :slight_smile:

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Metamask with Uniswap is probably the main DEX I use… 1inchexchange is good as it’s an aggregator so you’ll get the best price (as far as I’m aware…)


Thanks @itsellageee looks great!

I’m learning those that are not on UniSwap, people can find exchanges using the Markets at the bottom of CoinGecko too…


@FlippingDave it is maybe not the cheapest one but at least an easy one with using uniswap. Anyhow if you are using metamask you are not doing this for very large transactions so a nice solution to get alts like compound, Maker etc.

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itsellageee regarding 1inch id say on the whole that is accurate. But there are instances where you can get craaaaaazy slipeage. I’ve experienced it taking 80-90% of the total transfer amount… sometimes it’s infact cheaper to do a number of smaller transactions via uniswap than one larger transaction with 1inch…

just to be clearer say you want to exchange $100 in 1inch… you may get the best fee… but that best fee may workout more expensive than doing 5 $20 exchanges in Uniswap


After connecting to all the exchanges to your hearts contentt, I’d recommend
A lovely UI for exchanging & managing your portfolio :slight_smile:

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So Metamask is better for smaller transactions?
Why’s that?

Where do people go for larger amounts?
Binance, FTX??

Larger transactions i suggest to use a hardware wallet.
Yes, via exchanges like Binance etc. you can get a little bit cheaper prices. Only some new altcoins for DeFi are not always available on all exchanges. Than uniswap is perfect. There is also no KYC for uniswap required compared to some other exchanges. So personally for DeFI coins usage i like using Uniswap.

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I’ve been using almost exclusively uniswap, mainly because I have small bags in some liquidity pools. I definitely want to try 1inch but I currently have no funds to play with. :frowning_face:

I’ve used Uniswap for a lot of those small coins, but I’ve also had a lot of luck with my Argent Wallet - it has a built in exchange that has a lot of the DeFi coins on there.


Uniswap is the easiest one for me as I’m a beginner in the this crazy world of altcoins. Once they get past the issue of expensive gas fees it will be like the Google of DEXs in that nobody will be looking for alternatives.


I just got on Uniswap for the first time. total beginner. Now i can’t figure out how to get my token i just swapped for. For ex. i swapped Ether for Trust… went through fine… but how do i get the trust swap tokens?? help! lol

Thanks for all your feedback everyone…
Great to see we’re all doing it pretty similar.

@ekirakos24: I got ya, don’t worry your Trust is still there. Here’s how to see it:
Metamask > Assets > Add Token > Type in all your coin’s names, you’ll probably find you’ll need to use it’s code, found via it’s etherscan url.

Let me know if I’m unclear, I had to learn this the hard way too haha

Also, here’s a real nice way to view your coins via a third party, well worth checking out:

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Mainly in big platforms, binance, kucoin etc etc, all for long run, Metamask is a storage, recieve and sender for me. Every now and than I collect the spikes on markets, have tot do so more. But I’m a small investor, could have big gains, was too late, learning money they call it . A few markets went bankrupt too. Since i had more than 10 the lost wasn’s too severe.
Being as deversified as possible, ( not too much) as wel on wallets, and markets. Learned a lot from past 3 years.
The biggest wins are still in the really smal caps and less known coins with potention… But wich one…, it’s a gamble most of the times.
It’s mainly all hype that spikes the price, so collect in time, in general thea means within hours.
I too have to believe in the project. The estimate is only 5% will make it of all coins.
Maybe the best one is yet to come,!

It can be less of a gamble I reckon.

Formal/Informal trading knowledge & experience + Ivans Free Webinar + in my opinion puts you easily in the top percentile.

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Is the altcoin webinar available or do we need to wait for the next one?

The next. Whenever that is. Think they’ll be running them periodically for a while. Don’t quote me as i have absolutely no idea and am merely guessing out loud! Check periodically for the sign up link is my suggestion. Once you do there’l be a countdown timer/clock or something similar.

@blockchainuser you are correct, seats for webinars are limited to 300 for now, some times we increase it, but mainly you have to subscribe to our next webinars (monthly some times weekly).

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.