Am i the only that is having trouble navigating through some of the material?

im currently doing the javascript 101 and the intro to bitcoin course and some of the readings are WAY above my paygrade. im barely figuring out how to do these forums also. my 14day money back is approaching and im wondering if this is worth the money because i dont have any sense of community or real guidance through this academy. is anyone else having trouble or am i just dumb?

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Hey @adamjs999, hope you are great.

To use the forum is quite easy, in each “assignment” lesson on the Academy, there will be a link to the forum of that lesson, there you will have to answer the questions proposed in the firsts post of each topic.

To answer the questions, use the reply button and you will start writing your answers. Here is an example of how your answers should look.

By this I guess you have the basic plan, which consist on 4 basic courses right? If not, and you still facing a problem with the Academy, please write to our amazing support team at they will help you ASAP :nerd_face:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.