Anyone looking to explore partnering-up in new ventures?

Hi All,

I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017 though joined the academy earlier this year. Long and short of it, I (like the most of us) see the huge potential of this industry and realize that this will revolutionize the world in more than one way.

I know many are here to learn blockchain and land a dream job. Nothing wrong with that at all. Me, however, I don’t want to work for someone, but want to help create something of value to the world. There are so many use cases and ways in which blockchain could add massive value to the world and ideas keep coming.

I don’t quite know programming (yet) although I’m determined to learn (one of my reasons for being here) and bring my ideas to life. However, I am a CPA and have a lot of tax, accounting, finance and business background, so even without programming I have some very valuable skills.

I would love to connect with anyone looking to create something of value to the world (keyword, bring real value to the world, not make a quick buck) and explore possibly partnering up to 1) fill-in gaps in skillsets and 2) get different points of view.

At the end of the day, I’m ok working solo, but if the right person comes along, two / three heads think better than one.

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I am looking to start a token with a team…

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Can you get in touch

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Hello, I am a senior developer and have been playing with Solidity for about 18 months. I have some ideas but honestly, other than PCI (credit card processing work) am new to the Finance space. My career has been focused in the Hospitality, Healthcare and Insurance industries. I very interested in finding a good deFi project to become involved in.


LOVE IT! I need a team of great developers. I have a crypto business here in the USA called DIGGER INC. -



I have tons of ideas for blockchain, crypto and Smart Contracts.

Would be happy to hear from anyone that wants to try to make big things happen for all of us.



I love your idea.Let’s keep in touch.

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After taking a few of the programming courses, not sure if I’m ever going to be a dev, but I definitely want to work in the crypto space. I have 10 years experience selling insurance…wouldn’t consider myself a natural salesman, more of an educator. If you think we’d click hit me up.

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I don’t know how. They won’t allow us to contact each other.

There’s a lot of great people here that want to become successful
but they won’t let us. I guess all we can do is WISH EACH OTHER GOOD LUCK???

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Did you find your project?


@tushmoly - Well, I have defined my own project. I am currently evaluating it by writing a whitepaper and some proof of concepts.

That being said I am open to hearing about opportunities. Was there something specific you had in mind?


If you click on a user’s image next to their post a modal is displayed with the user’s information summary and a “Message” button. Click the button to start a message thread for just the two of you. You can then discuss others means of contact.



You took the words out of my mouth.

Have been in the industry since 2017.
Don’t want to work for someone else.
Have some C++ knowledge, learning to program trading strategies.
Currently Sales manager with a team of conversion agents signing suckers up to CFD trading. I hate it.
I can sell anything, I can sell it hard and I can sell it soft, I can sell it in and out.

Get a project that I can believe in selling, give me leads, and I will sell.

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@DaveAC3 … I think this is a great idea that gives us a place to post about what interests us most in the space, and what we think we would be good at doing. A forum like this would help us think through ourselves and be more strategic in learning and not just running, as fast as we can, towards “blockchain” or “crypto”. Second, something like this does give a place so we can find each other that knows more about finance or administration. It’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking about which company I would want to work with and how to get a connected, and not enough time thinking about seeing a problem and then developing a solution. I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking. Just like many of us, I’m looking to capitalize on my previous experiences and expertise, and find a way to break into the industry, but I feel I’m running with no direct path towards a specific goal. Ie. The goal is too vague. We would need a simple format so it would be easy for us to identify each other. Here’s one format possible format option. Btw…This is my info:

  • Name: @scottbonge
  • Previous jobs: Inventor, stock broker, stock options trader, pharmaceutical sales and management, and entrepreneur.
  • Coding - UC Berkley Bitcoin and cryptocurrency © UC Berkley Blockchain technology © IBM and Blockchain ©, Blockchain Essentials by Cognitive © (50%) node.js (40%), python(30%) anaconda (40%), Javascript (30%), IOT (Ivan on Tech)
  • What interests me most: defi finance, bring traditional stocks to defi, options, derivatives, *sales/marketing.
  • My strongest trait is being a strategic thinker.

— I’m just throwing this out. I know there are other ideas. Just trying to develop a way to take action and be proactive and not just sit back and only learn.

Life is about relationships and so is landing the right job.



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Would you like to join a team making a insurance token on TRC20 Tron Token ?

Please email me or message here in the insurance talk I started