ApplePay and BTC

Has anyone invented a phone application, like ApplePay, where you can use existing phone wallets that automatically convert from your Crypto wallet to your FIAT wallet, and then pay at a shop counter in the local currency? This would certainly make it easier for consumer to effortlessly use BTC like we do we FIAT

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Hi @Adss70. If you have heard about Elrond network, they just launch their Maiar app (first-ever decentralized mobile wallet/global payment) last January 31, 2021. It’s not fully functional as of the moment but based on my research Maiar app is positioned to be a competition of Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. Hopefully, Maiar app will be successful for us to see a truly decentralized mobile wallet/global payment.

You can check them out at The team is making partnerships with many great and promising blockchain projects.

I hope this helps.