Assignment - Figma Prototyping

  • Start from your business idea (your fintech use case) and draw out your customer journey using Figma or any other tool of choice. Then, based on your customer journey, create a jobs-to-be-done list, and fill it with tasks. Then prioritize them based on what you think is most important for your customers.
  • Build a small clickable prototype using Figma or any similar tool of choice. It does not have to be good looking, just 2-5 pages/screens.

I called my app “UNUM”. A short presentation on Figma can be seen here

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Jobs-to-be-done list (What OUTCOMES do my customers want)
(Most important at the top, the least at the bottom.)
Financial safety
Finding a way to make more money on their assets
Funding consumption (e.g. holidays, cars)
Having money for specific events (e.g. marriage, home, education for kids)
Keeping track of all investments (Including the ones not listed as one of our offers)
Retirement savings

Figma prototype of my phone app


Hi @cincinnato :smile:

I really like your Business Canvas Model! Maybe you should also consider doing your Customer Journey using Figma to put the icing on the cake?

I’ve created a template to make the process easier for you. You can duplicate it after going to the main Figma menu:

Again i can’t share this information in here.

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That’s life. But hopefully, the exercise has brought you more insight into your business.

Good luck on your journey! :smile:

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Reserved…I can complete this task and share with course mentor confidentially but it involves existingly operational partners with some first-to-market innovations to be enabled through partnerships, BAAS solutions, and unique proprietary tech/ IP

I have found a way around completing all of the other assignments without revealing too much of the unique innovation, competitive product advantage and compliance edge that would enable it. However, any visual representation would make the whole idea publlic - & it is something I will try to facilitate this year in the real world. In which case a retrospective case study might be far better :slight_smile:

Alternatively I can make up a dummy case - but will not flow from my answers in the Business Canvas Model, RICHES model, or the Jobs To Be Done i.e. Customer Journey model. In fact in would not relate to the product / service offering I am hoping to facilitate at all.

Please let me know if I need to email something confidentially to the course mentor, as that would be the only way to answer this appropriately. Hoping to engage in partner discussions this month.

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Thank you. Great exercises that’s so valuable. Good luck on your journey. We need everyone to succeed!

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We fully understand the confidentiality and we wouldn’t like to receive the information ourselves as it would put us in a peculiar spot.

The most important part is that, hopefully, you learned something new to help you grow your business.

It was a pleasure reading through your business concepts,
I wish you the best year yet :smile:

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I’m a little bit hesitant to share my prototype here, it is a real project I’m working on.

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