I would appreciate any help.

I have Atom installed and also the Preview html package is installed. I cannot get anything to display in the preview panel. It worked about a week ago but stopped working. I have uninstalled and re-installed Atom and the html preview package, still wont work.

Does anyone have suggestion. Totally frustrated.

is that “html preview package” an internal function from atom? maybe you miss another config on the way, remember that atom is used to edit the code, nothing more for now.

The idea is that you write your html code file with atom, you save it and then open the html file in a browser so it can display the code that you has been wrote. The process repeat every time you change something.

You change the html code, save it, refresh the page on your browser to display those changes.


thanks for the response. The Preview.html is a package that was downloaded into Atom. Ivan uses the same thing and he get a preview. I was also getting the preview about a week ago but it stopped working.

I will try copying to a browser.


Chaney M

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@mchaney9900 there is no need to copying it to the browser, just code the html file on atom, save the file and then locate the file and right click and open it with a browser, it should show you the code as it suppose to be programmed.

We are here to help, happy programming!
Carlos Z.