Atom - Syntax highlighting JS?

Atom highlights html code, but not the js kod between the script tags. In Ivans video, his Atom highlighted both, how do I fix this?

Did you put you JS between tags? If not, it will not work.

another thing: try saving the document.

Yes, I did. As you can see in the image, the js code is not highlighted. I guess it’s because Atom assumes html since it’s an html file.

Um, now it does highlight. :slight_smile: I didn’t do anything, now it just works. :man_shrugging:

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Hi @LaszloD Is everything working ok for you now?

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Hi Laszlo,

Mine does the same thing. When you create a new html file in Atom, after writing the tags, just save it, and quit Atom. When you restart it, the syntax highlighting will work again.


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@Zoltan @LaszloD @dani88

Hi guys!

I remember having a similar issue when I first started using Atom. Mine just sorted itself out too :joy:
Not ideal (especially for beginners) I know! To be honest, I’m not sure why it does that, but I’m glad you all seem to have sorted it.

When I create a new HTML file to use in Atom, I just do a Save As of another one (clicking on File then Save As in Atom itself) under a different file name. If I save a file that already has script tags with JavaScript syntax correctly colour-highlighted, then I never have any problems, and don’t have to quit and restart Atom. Obviously, as a beginner it’s better to start a new file from scratch, so you have to remember and get to practise all the HTML tags, but I guess you could set up a “shell” document with only a few of the tags (including script tags and a bit of JavaScript correctly colour-highlighted) and use that to do the Save As, so as not to make things too easy :wink:


Now it works fine. I guess I save and restart from time to time anyway, so that’s probably fixing this. No big deal though.


I just had same issue and it was fixed by restarting Atom even though the file was already saved as html file.


Thanka for helping out. I am sure someone will find this useful in the future. :slight_smile: