Auckland, New Zealand πŸ˜‰

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Hi my names Brent
Im from Aucland, Nz. Im 51 yr old and have been buyin and holding altcoin since the beginning of the year and reading alot about crypto and it really intrigued me, I was shy for a long time wondering where it was all gonna go and how it was going to pan out overtime so have now dived in head first.
Came upon ivans academy trawling the net reading about crypto and decided that a career change might be in order :thinking: im currently a maintenance engineer and would love to end up being a programmer and maybe being an old age pensioner in the crypto world :rofl::rofl:
Well if you’re a kiwi in Auckland happy to swap stories over a coffee and for that matter anybody else in the world.
Good luck to everyone out there trying to make a living out of this amazing tech and hopefully becoming the person you want to be in the crypto world

Bye for now
Brent Walsh