Bankera ICO - 27 Nov

Sorry guys if I come across as a total newbie, it will be because I am!

I only got just really got into crypto currencies very recently, been trading Bitcoin on etoro and obviously had amazing returns so began looking into it all and have been blown away at how mature the crypto community has become.

So anyway, as an investor what I have been waiting for is a crypto for none techie people that can lead to mass adoption.
I came across an ICO which just launched yesterday called Bankera.

In a nutshell, it is looking to act as bank.
Yep a big grown up crypto bank offering interest on savings (people holding Bankera) plus offering loans, all the usual old fashioned banking malarki.

It has some big names behind it and very professional appearance, but how will this actually perform as a crypto currency?

I mean it may appeal to a more mature old fashioned generation, but they aren’t really buying crypto anyway, so who is going to buy these coins?
As good and professional as it is, will this fly as a crypto or just be like inviting your boring old dad along to a spring break pool party?

Hi (says another newbie) and thanks for the post. In my opinion I don’t think this will be needed. If people get to understand that you can do all this without needing a bank (earn through staking etc.), then why make it more complicated? I think pillar has a realy good vision with a wallet that stores all your stuff in a personal way. But i don’t know much about banking and finances at all. could be that “old” people need this as a gateway into crypto. with the fraudulent actions that banks made and that caused to control societies, its businesses and working people and a possible upcoming burst and financial crisis, not sure how many people want the word bank involved anywhere near crypto.

well see i guess. but check out populous, they have a great concept for invoice factoring peer to peer without third parties cutting out gains by adding ridiculous fees.