Basis Attention Token(BAT) Withdrawal

I was successful in registering Uphold with Brave Browser on my Windows 10 laptop. I was able to transfer my BAT from Windows 10 laptop to Uphold. However I do not know how to transfer the BAT from Uphold to my external wallet

I am unable to register Uphold with Brave Browser on Android phone. Therefore I am unable to withdraw my BAT from my phone.

Any thoughts on how to withdraw BAT from both PC and phone?

I can probably help you with moving your BAT to a wallet? Do you have Nano ledger? You can move the BAT to ethereum somehow…

However, I am stuck in the situation with the Brave browser on my phone. There’s 23.2 bat my phone that should have been paid out the other day.

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Yes. I have Ledger Nano S. Therefore, we can move from uphold to ledger nano S. Am I right?

So, we cannot do anything with the android phone at the moment?

You only need 1 uphold account not 1 for each device. However you can’t move BAT from mobile without tipping, I still think they are working on the mobile transfers, last time I checked it was not supported and the BAT have an expiration date.

I personally think the partnership between BAT and uphold is unethical considering that brave browser is meant to be about privacy but yet you have to give all you details over to uphold including your soul.

Here is what I do to get around it. I tip my own websites then am able to transfer from my creator rewards account to uphold account.