Besides from Ivan on Tech, where do you guys learn?

Hello to everybody who reads this!!!

I’ m currently 2 months into the academy, and I wonder if you guys have done other Blockchain courses before joining the academy, or after joining the academy … I’m currently enrolled at codeacademy as well, becuse I dot know too much about prrograming and I wish to learn as much as possible.

Could you please share our experiences?


Hi :wave:
Just come across your post, as for me. It’s my first time enrolling in online courses about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and programming in general (: I am pretty new here too.

How’s your learning going so far?

I’m currently enjoying DeFi lectures with Mr. Brands :smiley:

Have a pleasant day!

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hi there @cendy, you are so beautiful!!1 :kissing: :kissing:

Im enjoing it!! Im also learning some Javascript (frontEnd oriented), but in other site … I’m currently taking Eth 201 and have already made several other courses. I think the academy is great, but I only paid monthly, I think it’s lacking some new courses or new content.

I have made a not so positive feedback about the DeFi 101 course … you can find it in the DeFi 101 forum, you can check it here (Im not good at pasting links so far :relieved:)


Hi Javier :sun_with_face:

Aw thank you. You’re so kind. :heart_eyes:

Good for you, seems like you’re going on it full time! :star_struck:

Yes, I also miss the quizzes on every chapter like what Ivan did, he is more technical, precise & clear in the Ethereum course.

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