Besides from Ivan on Tech, where do you guys learn?

Hello to everybody who reads this!!!

I’ m currently 2 months into the academy, and I wonder if you guys have done other Blockchain courses before joining the academy, or after joining the academy … I’m currently enrolled at codeacademy as well, becuse I dot know too much about prrograming and I wish to learn as much as possible.

Could you please share our experiences?


Hi :wave:
Just come across your post, as for me. It’s my first time enrolling in online courses about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and programming in general (: I am pretty new here too.

How’s your learning going so far?

I’m currently enjoying DeFi lectures with Mr. Brands :smiley:

Have a pleasant day!


hi there @cendy, you are so beautiful!!1 :kissing: :kissing:

Im enjoing it!! Im also learning some Javascript (frontEnd oriented), but in other site … I’m currently taking Eth 201 and have already made several other courses. I think the academy is great, but I only paid monthly, I think it’s lacking some new courses or new content.

I have made a not so positive feedback about the DeFi 101 course … you can find it in the DeFi 101 forum, you can check it here (Im not good at pasting links so far :relieved:)


Hi Javier :sun_with_face:

Aw thank you. You’re so kind. :heart_eyes:

Good for you, seems like you’re going on it full time! :star_struck:

Yes, I also miss the quizzes on every chapter like what Ivan did, he is more technical, precise & clear in the Ethereum course.


I’ve been learning through the Kernel Community for a bit working through the program they held earlier in the year. It is pretty good. You can check it out here:

I also am working through some courses by EatTheBlocks.

Looking to connect with others to get involved with a blockchain project ASAP.

If you’ve posted this 21 days ago, where are you at now? What/where are you learning?


I ran into some trouble … I made a terrible mistake that costed me like 17kUSD :flushed: :dizzy_face: … that kept me busy for a while, but I almost finish with making my first react app, and I also started another course on JavaScript from free code camp (because it’s free, and because I think I must’ve heard about it in some video) … and I’m going forward on the eth 201 course, but veeeeery slowly due to some inconveniences.

Appreciate you sharing your experience!! Glad that someone read my message!!

I’ve just finished the Cryptozombies tutorial. It’s good it’s like freecodecamp but for blockchain. I like this kind of teaching because I don’t think videos are that good teaching materials (it could be but not all the time)


Good stuff man! that is a brutal mistake :frowning:

1 Like ,very good coding courses ,often have discounts on Udemy,
Complete web development course-Full stack $30 at moment !!

I heard from a recruiter friend of mine, Cornell university is offering online courses for blockchain.

@dawsonsewell … Did you finish the Kernel trip? How was it? If you could have some time to share your experience I would be grateful!!