Best Crypto Exchange (Fees, Service, Versatility)

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What crypto currency exchange is best overall for fees, service, and accept most fiat/crypto currency for trade? (Noticed many don’t allow you to deposit USD and others only trade Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin.) Thank you in advance.

From my experience you need 2 exchanges. The first from fiat to BTC and the second from BTC to everything else. For the first it does depend on where you live, I am UK based and I use Coinbase as it gives the closest to spot price I have found. I am pretty sure Coinbase is a US company though so it is likely you will have it there.

The second matters less where you live, Bittrex is pretty good, the only thing it does not trade that I buy is IOTA and for that I use Bitfinex. Poloniex is one of the biggest and most popular however I have had issues with them, lost ETH and support ticket 86 days unanswered.

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I live in the USA. I made a Coinbase account to start with. This account allows me to use the exchange, which is also owned by Coinbase. Once you transfer money from your checking account to your Coinbase USD wallet, no fee, you can then transfer your USD wallet balance to your Gdax account and then make Limit Order trades for no fees, or Market Order trades for limited fees. Many youtube videos can show you how to do this. Finally, you will want to purchase a cold storage devise to keep your coins or private keys safe from the internet. There are many youtube videos about Trezor, Nano Ledger S, Keep Key and other hardware vaults.


I love the neat Gdax trick to eliminate fees!

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Thank you David…I really appreciate the info!

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Thank you JDC for the information. Which of he storage devices re you using and or recommend?

I ordered the Nano Ledger S after watching and reading many reviews. I won’t get it until after October. Since I have never used it or any other hardware vault, I can’t comment on how well it works.

Ivan did a good video on the Nano Ledger. Check it out.

Thanks JDC, I did not know about, that will save some fees :grinning:

Thank you JDC for the info!

I like Bitstamp as it doesnt charge me any crypto withdrawal fees, only fiat withdrawal fees.

Unfortunately most crypto only exchanges charge high withdrawal fees and even have withdrawal limits.

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