Best Crypto Trading Bots

What are your favorite crypto trading bots?

What do you think about NapBots, which has a discounted deal now?:
It is run by Napoleon Group, which seems legitimate based on its Medium articles:


Hey Matthew, wazzup? I’ve been looking for something like this…what have you used and what has the performance been? I would like to try and see what happens…thankx

Hi @John_Okoye, I haven’t used Napbots. I would prefer to use a crypto trading bot that someone I know or one of our classmates recommends based on their direct experience. If anyone here has experience with a specific crypto trading bot, please share it with us!

@amadeobrands, do you have experience with any crypto trading bots?

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Hy guys, I’m pretty new to the space and I have some people pushing me to use this bot trading Could anyone pls direct me where to post this or tell me here about it if possible? Much appreciated, feeling like I need some second opinion here to protect us from so many ponzi scammers out there

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Hi, I have good experiences with 3commas, they have a solid DCA advanced bot that you can put triggers to to execute on trades across multiple connected exchanges.

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I have 3commas, found it in reviews as a reliable bot trading, so downloaded it but still haven’t gotten around to test it, as I’m still learning this and all alone, so many retards around me, I had to learn this space on my own and I’m getting a bit tired of doing it alone, also Ivan might be programming from age 9, he still is a 20 year old kid, I could do much better if I was him.

I would not recommend using cryptohopper. I used it for 3 months and it’s not good. Use a bot, but understand the risks. I use Trading Bot Solution a bot simply to increase my BTC and ETH positions.
This post is more for crypto trading.