Best place to gain Interest on Crypto?

Where is the best place to get interest on crypto?

Im currently using Celsius, but I dont get a lot there.



How much you get there ? I’m using nexo you get from 4 to 5% on btc ,but,ltc,xrp,xlm,tron,eos and 8 to 10% on stablecoins and usd($) or gbp(£)
Compounding interest paid daily
Happy so far ,ofc always looking for better rates
I also use compound and aave (now you get about 50% apy for depositing knc )

I have also been on the hunt for the best interest on my crypto. So far I’ve found BlockFi has the best interest for BTC at 6%. It’s paid monthly. ETH is at 4.5% and most stable coins are 8.6%.
I like NEXO for the stablecoins at 8% with no NEXO and 10% if you have NEXO tokens.