Best & Safest way to exchange BTC for ETH & vice-versa

Looking for the best way to directly exchange BTC for ETH ? and Vice-versa
I have looked at HoneySwap and of course UniSwap doesn’t do it.
SimpleSwap appears to do it, but I am wary as it has the same name as TrustSwap, namely SWAP.
I also tried them, as I have a lot of SWAP Tokens with a lot staked.

Would someone please advise and give me some best alternatives please ?


Do you want to use a DEX (decentralized exchange) specifically? Or you’d be willing to trade on a regular crypto exchange (binance, etc.)?

Yes I would prefer to use a DEX with much lower fees.

Someone has suggested as a DEX to use. But I don’t know if it’s the safest.

Do you know if SimpleSwap is legit with the same ticker as TrustSwap (SWAP) ?