Best Solution for Safe Storage of Large Portfolios

My team and I are satisfied students and doing well with our portfolios. We have been advised by many “marketers” to use the Ledger Nano and I am finding that it has many issues, is very limited and is concerning while now managing a larger portfolio.

I have a consultant who has suggested using a Virtual Machines on my computer where he has created his own custom coded wallet on Linux. He says that in his consulting business, about 40 to 60% his business is helping people with problems with ledger and the compatibility with coins and other issues.

I am very interested to take his advice and move to a more custom wallet on a virtual machine.

Do you have any input or feedback on this decision? Do people with larger portfolios use different wallets other than the consumer ones available?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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So far my ledger wallet has served me well, but what I would really like to see at some point is the ability to invest and collect interest through a contract that allows you to keep your currency in your own custody. It certainly seems feasible to have a smart contract that allows this, which would become nullified if the conditions were violated.