Bet and Win on NEM Blockchain

Today, I would like to share with you a new Project.

Another new fintech project? I don’t think so…

Why don’t we have some fun on the NEM blockchain?

Let me introduce “NEM Lotto - Bet and Win on Nem Blockchain”.

What is this?
It’s a betting game running on the NEM Blockchain.

I see… Another casino online (poker, roulette, …?)
No! You bet that some bytes are contained in a block hash and if it matches you win!

What is new about it?
It’s instant!

Instant? Yes!, you don’t have to wait for future blocks, because we use harvested blocks.
We pick random past blocks and get their hashes.

You bet any bytes -> a random harvested block is picked -> You win or loose…

Where is it?
Now it’s live on Mainnet. Using real value XEMs.

Also in spanish and russian

How does it work?
You need your NEM address (Nnnnnnn) and your wallet, (an smartphone wallet works too).
Then you get a ticket for playing.
With one ticket you can play for 10 days.
You can scan a QR code to get tickets if you wish.

And what are the prizes?
It depends of your bet.

  • the minimum bet is 1 byte (fa, 44, 00, …) If it matches, you win 1 XEM.
  • the maximum bet is 3 bytes (afb0cc, 004dc2, …) If it matches, you win 900 XEM.
  • special bets are “hex words” like (dad, face, babe, decade, …) If it matches, you win other prizes.

Additionally every month all ticket owners will participate in a giveaway token on NEM Blockchain. Coming soon…

New proposals are welcome!