Beware of

The exchange is a oure crypto exchange; however, if your intention is to only purchase small amounts of a coin/token, then this exchange should be avoided as there is a high probability that you will not be able to withdraw your funds as either their withdrawal fee, their withdrawal limit, or a combination of both will be more than what you have purchased.

Also, they regularly delist crypto’s gicing you a small window to either trade the targeted coin/token for something else or withdraw from the exchange before the coin/token no longer exists on the exchange; however, the latter option may not be available to you for the reasons listed in paragraph 1.

The really bad thing about the exchange is the fact that they do not advertise the withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amount on their web site, leaving you to find this information out once you have made a purchase.

Good to know, thanks!

What brought you to Why not use other more common exchanges?

It had some tokens that were not on any other easily accessible exchange at the time.