Big Government 🤔

I have a question/concern I would like to get some clarity on. I read an article recently stating that the Federal Government proposed a new law to give them access to our browser history.

If the government does this for real, can they access trezor and ledger’s servers to track all crypto users? If yes, is it necessary to run our own bitcoin nodes, use a private browser such as Tor and a VPN? Would this help to protect our privacy?

Here is the link to the article:


Trezor and ledger devices should not leave any mark on their servers, as they only sign transactions which are sent to a bitcoin full node. Trezor and ledger are hardware wallets which are used to generate a sequence or private keys. They can sign transactions without the private key ever being exposed to internet. This makes them very useful for holding cryptocurrencies. If a government wants to track you, they need to know your public address and track you directly on the blockchain.

Running your own bitcoin node and using a TOR or VPN would for sure increase your privacy. In addition to that you can always use privacy coins, such as Monero.

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Thanks a lot. Really appreciate you.
They “should not leave any mark” or “cannot leave any mark”?
Yeah I think I’ll take my chances with the hardware wallets