Big noob coming through

hi everyone, my names Jonah, im from Canada, ontario. new to blockchain and everything crypto. I bought bitcoin from bullbitcoin a while back in the summer time. started with 100 bucks couple months later couple grand, recently numbers went up now i have around 2900 yay woopey story up lol. anyways just looking to change my life, would love to quit my 9-5 yesterday, im already enrolled in school for next year for heavy equipment operation but figured i could learn something new and make even more money in the field im in as times are changing, so i am as well.
anyhow just figured id share my piece with the community, say hello, and im open to any suggestions and help as a newcomer and looking forward to getting to know you guys :slight_smile:


Welcome! I used to live in Toronto. In the UK now. Keep stacking those sats!


Hey Jonah,
fellow Canadian here. Thanks for sharing. My bro is a heavy duty mechanic. Glad to see your investment is doing well. Anyways… We can stay in touch if you want. Peace, bro.

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