Anyone here knows the difference between the P2P wallet vs SPOT wallet?

I have a BINANCE account and have made a couple of transactions.
One to deposit to my P2P wallet and other to my SPOT Wallet.

P2P Wallet is funded by allowing to find local guys which want to sell crypto so you can transfer local fiat and they transfer crypto to your BINANCE account, ALL this is made within the BINANCE platform. Exept for the deposit you have to make to the local guy to his bank account.

SPOT wallet is funded by paying BINANCE directly with a debit card.

I see that the spot wallet is connected directly to the tools used for trading. P2P is not.
I was trying to find an address wallet but only find one on SPOT.
When y search for that address on nothing was found, at least not something i can understand.

The address is 16Vjo8CUNKYHXAhEZC8Yt2Ah4Mg3PjDUnc
The result have 2 hits, one in BTC blockchain and the other on BCH. None of those having any transactions or balance.

How we should understand this?

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I just recently researched this a Lil to my understanding the spot wallet is just the wallet for trading on binance and not really safe to keep your funds on all the time. The P2P wallet from what i gathered was a wallet that was connected to your binance account where your funds are stored and can trade from there, i just didn’t research any further from there on which wallet to use or got side tracked to something else. hahaha. the address you searched may not have been through the block-chain yet if you haven’t made any transactions yet, if I’m correct on that statement.

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