Bitcoin 101 generate coins error

PS C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\daemon> ./bitcoin-cli -regtest generate 1
error code: -32
error message:
The wallet generate rpc method is deprecated and will be fully removed in v0.19. To use generate in v0.18, restart bitcoind with -deprecatedrpc=generate.
Clients should transition to using the node rpc method generatetoaddress

What do I do?

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Seems like they have changed the command, now you have to specify which address should get the block reward (freshly minted coins).

  1. To generate a new address use ./bitcoin-cli -regtest getnewaddress
  2. Copy the address that gets generated
  3. Then run ./bitcoin-cli -regtest generatetoaddress 1 (paste address you copied).

Now that address you generated will get freshly minted coins from the block reward.

Hope this works!


Please check this solution as an alternative way to make the old method work:

However, it’s better that you learn the new way that I described above as this old method will be completely disabled in the future, we will update the course soon to only include generatetoaddress command.