Bitcoin 101 generate coins on regtest_I get a default message

./bitcoin-cli -regtest generate 101

I can not generate money on regtest

mine another block and check again

The code Ivan suggested has been ‘deprecated’ I’m unsure what to use in its’ place

Here is the new command:

bitcoin-cli -regtest generatetoaddress 101 mvbnrCX3bg1cDRUu8pkecrvP6vQkSLDSou

Of course put your own address where you want your bitcoin credited instead of mvbnrCX3bg1cDRUu8pkecrvP6vQkSLDSou

For example
bitcoin-cli -regtest generatetoaddress 101 $(bitcoin-cli -regtest getnewaddress)

close bitcoind and restart by adding - deprecatedrpc=generate at the end:
. /Bitcoind - regtest -deprecatedrpc=generate