Bitcoin Dark an exercise for everyone

I was looking at Bitcoin Dark. This coin is ranked 126 and price is rising at over $52.00. I invite all the community to visit this coin and do an evaluation. What are the many, many warning signs not to get involved with? It is quite simple and a bit concerning that people are actually investing in this coin. Perhaps I am wrong and it is a steal at $52.00. What are your opinions?

Where to begin …

  1. Send us your Bitcoin and convert them into BitcoinDark (BCC … err … BTCD) first red flag.
  2. The pay out is in USD, not bitcoin, nor BCC, nor BTCD … that’s a second red flag.
  3. FAQ: 1) When will the lending interest be added to my account?
    It will be added every 24 hours of your lending transaction has been approved. All lending transactions will be treated separately for interest payments.Read more … clicking the link sends you back to the very same page, no extra info provided.
  4. FAQ: 2) I usually get a daily profit from lending but why there is no interest payment received today?
    The daily profit is not guaranteed. The interest rate that you earn daily using our investment platform is calculated by our BitCoinDark Price Volatility Software and accrued daily. Some days, the profit may be 0%.Read more …clicking the link sends you back to the very same page, no extra info provided
  5. FAQ: all links just go back to the same page.
  6. FAQ: BitcoinDark trading bot and volatility software.: the link sends you back to the same page
  7. Any system that has a trading bot but doesn’t want to explain how it works is suspect
  8. Any time I read “volatility software …” I get suspicious.
  9. About us section doesn’t contain any information on who they are, zero. Just a link to the same 3 articles which are all articles from their own website
  10. They are moving all BTCD to Komodo, literally all, so BTCD will be worthless in a short amount of time.
  11. They’re using delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).
  12. Their website contains zero information, even their article on Bitcoin is only two paragraphs long, not even a single link to the BTC whitepaper or the 1000s of articles written on BTC by now.
  13. All links to their news are linking back to the same website, they couldn’t even be bothered to provide external links and make it believable.
  14. Promises of daily return on investment
  15. From their guide: 1. First, you must create an account on the page
    (go to the page, root on the right side of the screen, press the register button)
    You fill out the registration form
    (Referral only for your Referrer’s name on “This section is related to the issue of payouts under the link of the future referrers”).
    For example, if A introduces the B into the group, then A will get 10% of the total investment of the B, and next, if the B introduces the C into the group, B will also get 10%. total investment of the C, and the A will now also enjoy 5% of the total investment of the C
    = Pyramid scheme
  16. From their guide: So that’s ok, we have a $ 500 investment package and enjoy 1% every day for 180 days.
    = Ponzy scheme

Nobody, absolutely nobody can guarantee a 1% return on investment on a daily basis. If you have a trading bot that can generate a 1% return on investment every day you don’t need other peoples money, you invest 1,000 USD and you’re set for life through compound interest.

It’s an absolute scam.

My advice, walk nay run away. Actually run away faster than that!

This is equal to Bitconnect, DavorCoin, Ryse, etc. etc.


Outstanding! You went far more in depth than I would have and I compliment you for your thoroughness and knowledge. It quite frankly far exceeds my own. I also found it amazing that the link from Coin Market Cap send you to a landing page that the domain is for sale. Thanks again for sharing with the community.


Always welcome, I’ve added it in the community alerts page as well so all the suspect projects stay nicely together :slight_smile:

Always feel free to alert me to anything suspicious or anything you’d like me to take a look at. Obviously the opinion I write is just my opinion, others may have differing opinions and the advice I offer is purely from my point of view.


Another Bitconnect? freaking unbelievable, why in the heck are these not shut down as soon as they pop up?

Thanks my friend

Unbelievable … I’ll add it to the list! thanks for the heads up.

@iwan.spillebeen You mentioned that you added them to the community alerts page. Where can I find this? It’s not listed under any of the forum categories.

Here you go:

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Awesome! Thanks for that.

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You’re most welcome, it’s all getting a bit buried now with Ivan’s academy posts but I’m sure that’ll sort itself out in due time.

I think it should be pinned in the miscellaneous section, if not get a section of its own. I might suggest it.

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