Bitcoin Receive Address on Coinbase

Just being careful, here. I’ve been thru the Introductory BTC course and understand about dot multiplication and private keys generating public keys. But making sure the mechanics that apply in the following routine situation makes sense as its a first for me : if I want to send a friend a small amount of BTC (he’s on Coinbase at a remote location) and my friend clicks “Receive” in Coinbase, it generates an alphanumeric string that is 34 characters long. My friend can safely copy and paste that alphanumeric string to an email and send it to me so that I can paste it in my send address on my exchange (Binance) - this procedure doesn’t create a known security risk because of way the system verifies the scalar multiplication and match up of the public key/secure private keys at each end. Put more simply, there’s not a security risk emailing the 34 alphanumeric string since is a public key, correct? So far I’ve only bought BTC and sent it to my cold storage wallet - but that was all done on one computer, not sending to a remote location involving emailing an address. Thanks for any help. Ken

Yes, that’s correct.