Bitcoin scaling

Hey there,

I’m brand new here and after the blockchain and bitcoin 101 course i was thinking about the scaling issue. Probably going to say something noob here but can’t we just do what we did with segwit, pulling the signature out of the blockchain into a seperate thing. Couldn’t we just take the transactions, hash them and put that hash on the blockchain with the actual transactions on the side like the signatures? Would make the size of the trasactions so much smaller and still we could verify them.

Just a thought, go soft on me :sweat_smile:

Since 2017, Bitcoin blockchain has been using Segwit to reduce transaction sizes :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply on the live Q&A @ivan and @filip. Just another brainfart i just had.
If you would use a sort of hash that can be reversed like MD5. couldn’t you than store the entire transactions within that hash, so you could reversed it afterwards with an extra function on an explorer. or if that wouldn’t be possible maybe do the same thing but with every transaction separate? i would imagine a hash would be smaller than all the data from the transaction itself.
i understand this would be a hardfork but as i see it the way bitcoin works now it doesn’t look like it can’ handle major adoption without expanding the code.
i’m sorry but my brain doesn’t have an OFF switch :sweat_smile: