Bitcoin Transaction Reversal

I recently have run into problem while withdrawing bitcoin cash in my account at They have wrongly sent me Bitcoin instead of Bitcoin Cash (a very minuscule amount though)!

I bought it to attention of their support team, as I felt it was the right thing to do, and now they have asked me to do a reversal to an unknown Bitcoin address. In fact, they have suspended one of my other BCH withdrawals until I send back the BTC to them!

Does anyone have any knowledge of their support structure so I can escalate and verify this address? Even with multiple tickets I am not getting responses from their team. So I have written one more email to their security team which seems to be the only other publicly known email ids for BTCC.

Is there any known email id for local authorities or securities commission to verify fraud or report that genuine withdrawal is not being respected by one of the exchanges under their control? Is it worth approaching them?

This might sound silly at first glance, but what I was looking for was an amicable way that I can send their BTC (0.0* BTC) and I can receive my trapped BCH (> 0.8) :frowning:

I managed to suggest quite a few methods, but their support kept insisting I return the BTC and that is all! They would NOT even indicate what’s up with the withdrawal I began more than 3 weeks ago!

I did research a LOT and found something reg. Escrow/ mediator services. I have suggested this to their support team who are yet to come back on whether they will accept this proposal of mine.

Looking at some of the recent comments to their twitter posts, mine is NOT an isolated issue and their shutting down of dax site is an unbelievably bad timing for me :worried:

Points of NOTE:

  1. They managed to send a wrong coin on withdrawal => little or NO automation is practiced or there were bugs in their site (maybe a reason for shutdown :roll_eyes:)
  2. They managed to block several user withdrawals with NO notice. This is not something unheard of in crypto space, but to experience it first hand is absolutely heart breaking :disappointed:

So please watch out before doing any business with their main site as well! Just a shout-out/ warning to whomsoever is reading.