Bitcoin whitepaper complex english


I don’t know if there already is a post related to my this title. Feel free to link it to me please.

I have started to read the bitcoin whitepaper and it is really complex to understand.
Or my English level is below the recommended level of the whitepaper.

Any recommendation on the English level required and materials such as dictionaries i can use / combine with my studying / research to better understand The Bitcoin Whitepaper.

I’m open to any advice , suggestion, opinions ect.

Thank you.

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Hi p5,

Check out, they have amazingly simple summaries. Highly recommended :slight_smile:

Here is the link to bitcoin’s explanation:

Although it may not be the whitepaper, specifically, it still gives a great walkthrough of bitcoin.

Enjoy and happy learning! :smiley:


Hello @FaierPlay ,

Thank you very much for you reply and sharing this awesome the upfolio website.

Its easy to understand and very direct to the topic.

Not just for bitcoin but also other crypto assets on the crypto market which makes it fun and reader friendly.

Thank you again.:grinning:

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My pleasure! Happy to help! :slight_smile: