Bitcon Mining - Is it worth youre time?

Does anyone still mine with Graffics Cards these days?

i have some graffics cards ive to pick up. I was going to get them up and running to see what they can achieve?

Can i just float this out here on the forum to see if any one is actually still doing it?


I think there are only 2 ways for a miner with limited resources to be profitable these days.

  1. If you have solar panels, use the surplus you produce to mine rather than selling it to back to the network.

  2. If you pay for your heating, use the mining rigs to heat your living space.

Obviously you can combine the two if both apply. Keep the rigs inside in the winter and outside during the summer. If you are good a coding you can write software that controls the rigs so that their consumption is optimum in relation to your solar panel output/heating needs.

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Hi Rob,

Together with some friends we’re running a small rig with 6 GPUs. It’s profitable in the sense that we can cover the electricity and have a small margin on top , but obviously it won’t make you rich. It’s more a fun project in order to dig deeper into the technical part of mining and to actually see it happening.



We’re now 8 months in and I can say it really turned out good. We recently broke even with our investment costs and due to the current bull market, especially the altcoin season we’re making some solid gains. Also we did a decent job investing in the right alts. Shoutout to @ivan at this point!