Blockchain Careers - Absolute beginner

Hey everyone,

I joined the Academy late last year, and I’ve really been enjoying the content. I’ve found that I have built a strong foundation level of knowledge relating to BTC, ETH, Smart Contracts and Blockchain.

I am now looking to start my next step, and that is to look into a future career in this domain. Can anybody give me any advice, on the best path to follow in their opinion?

Just as an FYI - I am a complete novice in terms of programming. I have absolutely no experience and will be starting from scratch. I am super excited for the challenge ahead and of course earning more knowledge in this space!

Thanks for any tips, help and advice.

Reskekk da pamp!


Newbie here as well, CoinBureau just posted a video on this yesterday, and I found it useful. Might be a good place to start :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing CryptoPhoenix!

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Jobs are tricky, at least where I am at in the US. A lot of places want you to have full stack development AND blockchain programming. No go for me. I don’t ever want to do full stack again.

  1. I am going through Ivan’s academy and taking all his courses on programming.

  2. At the same time I am refining my Machine Learning/AI skills (much easier to learn than programming)

  3. I am only going to apply for AI jobs OR only DApp jobs that are FULLY Ethereum or EOS.

Honestly in my area just focusing on DApp only eliminates me from a LOT of jobs, as most companies want other skills like React, Go, Rust, ect., but I don’t like full stack. (Plus the code test can take months to prepare for just full stack jobs as well)

So I can do full time AI and it gives me plenty of time to find a good match for a DApp job & also work on my own DApp’s without having to stress for money.

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