Books for understanding the financial system

I am a technician, so I have no problem understanding the technicalities of cryptocurrencies, however, I am lacking knowledge of the financial system. (What are futures, how do they work, etc.)
For that reason, for example, I could not really follow the movie “decentralized deception” with all these explanations about “generating money from thin air, bla bla bla”. This was kind of depressing for me.

Could you point out some book(s) I could read to acquire that knowledge?
How did you learn all this?

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Hi Alma,

I also don’t have a financial background and I’ am learning on “the fly” all these concepts. The book that has helped me is Crypto Assets, by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar. It is not precisely a guide for this concepts, it is more a guide to invest and evaluate but helps with some examples from past history. Sorry I only have that… and wikipedia, of course.



If you are looking for basic information about how futures and in general financial instruments work, perhaps you can take a look at Investopedia. It covers a wide range of business and financial terms, with some pretty cute videos to help visualize the process. Hope it helps!

I’m also looking and learning from this particular YouTube channel, maybe you can give it a look and branch out from there!

Hi Alma, this book gives great background details on how the money from air system originated.

It’s a movie too:

And here’s a resource that digs into a real life story of how wrong it all went:

I got both of them at my local library.

Here’s also a good general description of futures:

Hope these are helpful.

Can this books be helpful?
Basic Economics
Creature Jekyll Island

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An excellent book which everyone should read. I couldn’t put it down.

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