Broken link in New Blockchain Dev Track?

I am working through the New Blockchain Developers Track. I have finished JavaScript and C++.
It looks like the next class is Eth Smart Contract Prog 101, but when I click on the start course button it takes me to a generic page.

I saw that there is a new updated Eth Prog 101 course and I found that by going to the list of all the courses.

So I wanted to make sure you guys knew that the link from the Tracks page is not working.
And I also wanted to make sure that the next course I am supposed to take in this track is the Eth Smart Contract Prog 101, and not EOS Programming 101.


Hey @Narnia, hope you are ok.

Could you please share an screenshot of your issue? that can give us an idea on how to solve it :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

I’m doing awesome, thanks for asking!

So from the “See All Tracks” button, on the New Blockchain Developer tracks page, I was trying to get to what I think should be the next class, Eth Smart Prog 101, but that just takes me to a generic sales page.

I was doubting for a moment if that was in fact the next class that I was supposed to take or if I was supposed to now skip to the next one in the track, EOS Programming 101. But I found the new link to the updated Eth Smart Contract Prog 101 from the “View All Classes” button.
And I have started that one.

I probably won’t be the only noobie confused by this, so that link should be redirected to the newly updated course if that is supposed to be the next one in this track!

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I see what you mean now! And yes, the link is broken, I already notify it to our amazing dev team so they will fix it ASAP! :nerd_face:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

You guys are amazing! Really appreciating all the support here! :smiley:

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