Business Blockchain Spending - Size of market

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First time posting here. It really is interesting to say the least to imagine what 2022 will look like not only in Blockchain tech but also other industries. What you talked about is mostly private blockchains if I understood correctly. So nothing like the platforms the common people may use to invest or even use in the case of ETH for their own DApps. Do you think there is a risk that private blockchains will only make big, powerful companies even more ubiquitous like Amazon or Google, albeit being more “transparent”? Or do you believe the big opportunity is for grassroots, small movements like creating one own company (not trying to shill myself obviously ;))?




When Ivan discussed the upcoming companies my initial thought was similar to yours. Blockchain is still being funded by some form of cash, and, as we know, entities such as Google and Amazon have amassed great material wealth. So, of course they will play a role in not only how smaller companies enter the market but also in how Blockchain shapes our reality. Definitely interesting…

Thanks for sharing.


Yes in the video we discuss corporate spending, however I don’t think it’s limited to private blockchain technologies. Just like many companies tried to compete with the Internet by launching their own private Intranets and trying to make them more popular than THE INTERNET we will see a similar development in corporate blockchain spending. Currently there is a lot of focus on private blockchains but as public blockchain develop, become more scalable for business purposes the corporate money will start flowing there.


Let’s hope that does happen indeed. I think charity projects have a lot to gain from Blockchain as well as anything that aims to change the world for the best


You are right. Amazon already entered blockchain arena and are currently offering enterprise hyperledger infrastructure and their involvement will probably only grow. Exciting times ahead of us.


Hi All,

Very happy to be part of this community !

I will take an example that I heard during a conference. Currently we are building the foundation.
Imagine the construction of some sky buildings. This process is usually represented by a massive hole with lot of peripheral activities. This step in the fundamental one and usually the one which also takes the longest.
Then suddenly emerge towers which keep raising at some incredible speed.

I strongly believe to see lot of projects emerging very soon and finally staring delivering.

Longue vie Ă  la Blockchain technology :wink:

Donald -
Thank you for the link on hyperledger infrastructure.
The video explainer was fantastic.

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Hi Ivan great course too- I am also on the coding one- What interests me is learning how Oil and Gas companies will apply and utilise Blockchain solutions… I have been lazy on the coding course :-(but need to master more Java before continuing- Both courses are very much complimentary to get the best out of this fantastic innovative technology revolution- My goal is to educate myself within the next 2 Years plus---- MANY THANKS IVAN!!!

Where do you see the biggest limits when it comes to talent in the Blockchain space? A lack of talented programmers who understand blockchain and how to code it? A lack of business/team leaders who understand the technology and can create value and innovative projects at large companies? I’d like to hear from anyone in the industry who has any insights, cheers.

I’m retired but my take would be all 3.
Our youth ain’t taught about the Block Chain in school.
Our faculties don’t educate for the future but the past, hence no developers will rise this way.
The same applies for the management education faculties.
This is still as young a Block Chain Industry as the internet was back in the late seventies.

Hi Ivan!

This is a very interesting topic and I think actually that 10x growth will happen by 2022 because Blockchain is getting more and more attention from the big guys plus it fix many of the current issues of the Web.
You mentioned there is a huge demand for specialist in the whole IT industry and not just in the BC. Obviously since BC is new there is much less talent. Do you have any data I can look up about this?
I think learning now with you is the best thing we all can do if we want to benefit from whats ahead in the BC industry. I have programming knowledge, but didt wrote a single line of code since 2010. I don`t want to learn it again, but just in case I change my mind what do you think which language has the greatest potential future use in BC?

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Please update your data on the page.

No John Doe.

Demand for blockchain developers and business people, who understand blockchain is still growing in 2020 and this trend will continue in the future.

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I had to come over to this course, to take a break from JavaScript

I enjoy the programming results and practical exercising, but I am finding it difficult stay motivated with the programming. Small chunks is all I can handle,


Hi @Turbinesurgine. I had to do the same. :grinning:

Take multiple courses to get some variation, Javascript can be tricky :woozy_face:. But it is important not to give up and finish the courses.
If you have any questions along the way, it is important to ask for help … Good luck, my friend.



not giving up for sure , it is a challenge though

my motivations are more power

I just step aside from it and come back, when it is too much Anyway I have enough keeping me going in Blockchain to realize the Value here, Amazing courses so far.

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@Turbinesurgine @ivga80 I started with blockchain for business first and thought about moving to Javascript after finishing this one. Would you advise on doing both at the same time? :slight_smile:


Just finished blockchain 101 and moved onto this course. What chain of courses (best order of importance) would you recommend for someone looking to work next year as a blockchain consultant.
Loving the academy pace, content & structure so far. You guys are doing an incredible job. It’s a welcome change from following daily/hourly price action in the crypto markets :joy:

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Hi, I would not recommend to take both Blockchain Business and Javascript at the same time, because they are both big courses.

I would choose a smaller course like blockchain & bitcoin 101 instead of Javascript.

JavaScript course is a more programming course and requires more work than the smaller courses, so I think it’s better to do the programming courses one by one.

I hope this helps you a little. :wink: