Calling EOS Contract from existing c# application

Hi @ivan, @filip ,

I have just completed your programming course on EOS and feel confident enough to create smart contracts now, thank you. I have an existing application that manages quotes, contracts and payments. I feel I could convert this to use smart contracts to manage the agreements and payments between parties. My question is once I have written my smart contracts, can I write a webapi preferably in c# that my existing c# application can then call in order to interact with the blockchain and smart contracts programatically? Would this be an acceptable way of converting an existing application to use the eos blockchain?

I have found a node.js package called eosjs ( that I guess i could wrap in a c# webapi. I wonder what others have done or recommend for converting existing web applications to use the eos blockchain?

Also the Http API at provides great examples of connecting with the blockchain from cURL, Node, JavaScript and Python.

I’d be interested to hear what others think and do.

Thanks again