Can we use deployed EOS contracts without consuming fees

Hello @Fillip,

Can we use our deployed EOS contracts on EOS blockchain without consuming fees?


EOS does not have transaction fees it use computational resources instead:

  • CPU for transactions, meaning 1 action will cost you a portion of you total CPU, CPU restart every 24 hours, so you have limited amount of actions daily, based on the amount of CPU you are staking.
  • RAM storage the data about your account interacting with other contracts and also its the memory location to storage a contract when its deployed on an eos account, if your contract is too complex and really large coded, it will cost you a lot of ram.

PD: the course only focus on how to code on the testnet or a local net, so you dont have to deal yet with this kind of resources calculations. But if you want to deploy a contract in the main net, you must calculate how much RAM and CPU will your contract needs.