Centra-tech ICO hacked

Upon the launch of their ico…Centra-tech’s website shuts down. The company blames “professional DDOS attack”. In reality, the amateur devs left ports open on the website leaving an open door to the honey pot. Looks like an easy attempt to gain free Eth. I believe the only good that came out of all this BS, is now everyone knows if they can’t protect their website, how would they have protected our money?. and Mayweather is the ambassador…reputation tarnished?

Curious to see how this unfolds in the coming days…`

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The sad thing is that if the news doesn’t get around. They will end up doing just fine.

I agree. This isn’t the first time Centra has had bad press. On August 6, Clif High interviewed the CTO of Centra and came away with the opinion the people running Centra have no clue what they were doing. See:

Later on, Bix Weir did a video going through the website and picked apart the bios of all the founders showing how some were completely unqualified to do anything with crypto. See:

I had purchased some CTR the day before and fortunately was able to sell back about a week later for slightly more than I bought it for. Today it’s twice what I sold it for.

This is a disaster of a company with a pretty website.