Change Bank - Anyone else researching this ICO?

I just started doing research on this ICO. Has anyone else formed any opinions about this upcoming ICO?


I’ve read about It after reading your post and found It Very promising.
Probably will be investing some ETH.

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However I’m worried about the amount of money they will be able to raise, and dont know if they will be able to achieve the 200,00 ETH

Change bank looks interesting, but they look like they are trying to do a lot all at once. If they reach their goal, thats fine, but how likely are they to do so?

Also, if you look at their whitepaper and their roadmap that is included, they have a plan to launch a card, but details of everything else is very vague after that. It feels like they might have looked at established products like TenX, copied that and ran out of ideas.

Their team seems like its built mainly out of people from a company called smartly. Which as a Singaporean I have heard about a little but didn’t seem to really realize their vision.

Overall, I personally am 60-40 on this ICO leaning more toward the skeptical viewpoint. Because of that I will likely be skipping this one, or at most contributing only 1 ETH worth.